Mission Statement

To provide ongoing support and awareness to Coastal Water Suppliers and their associates by working in partnership with related Ministry agencies and water related organizations.


  • Education
    To keep members up to date with changes in the industry and to provide, training sessions for management and staff of all members. Topics ranging from operational safety, staff development, and legal and legislative issues.
  • Government Lobbying
    To preserve and protect the long-term interests of its members, the association will lobby government for input to legislation regarding such issues as watershed protection and management, growth management, and water licensing.
  • Water Suppliers Representation
    The association will help smaller districts in dealing with organizations that administer policies affecting those districts (e.g. B.C.’s Ministries of Environment, Health and Community Services.)
  • Affiliations With Water-Related Industrial Associations
    To promote cooperation and industry-wide understanding, the association will maintain alliances with organizations such as the American Water Works Association, the B.C. Water and Waste Association, the Water Supply Association of BC and the Small Water Users of BC.
  • Communications With Members
    Newsletters, website information and other frequent publications will keep members informed of association activities, issues, accomplishments, etc.
  • Membership Understanding
    It is an understanding that the Members of the Coastal Water Suppliers Association will adhere to the regulations and guidelines as legislated and operate in a responsible nature.